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Penalty Box

Penalty Box

The Hygienic Penalty Box is a complete exercise program for the body with more than 119 exercises based on a patented...

Hygienic mask bag

Hygienic mask bag

New innovative BH product from the production of ZENKO - hygienic mask bag 🆒 A fantastic fashion accessory that you...

Daily production of masks is 6000

Daily production of masks is 6000

Zenko's manufacturer of official protective uniforms, the company "Zenko", has focused its entire production program...

Certifikate ISO 14001:2015

Certifikate ISO 14001:2015

Aware of the fact that the modern business world is increasingly applying in its business policy in addition to...

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EN 20471 - Highly visible work clothing

EN 343 – Odjeća za zaštitu od lošeg vremena