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Title: Production service company – Workwear “ZENKO” Ltd. Zenica
Abbreviation: “ZENKO” Ltd. Zenica

Basic information

Form of organization: A limited liability company
Registration court: Zenica municipal court MBS 1-3631
Registration number: 043-0-Reg-08-001953
Date of registration: 28.02.1996.
Founder: Fahrudin Čančar
Director: Amela Redžić

Main activity and activity code:
Manufacture of other outerwear 18.221

ID 4218119800005
VAT 218119800005


Lukovo polje br. 40
72000 Zenica
Bosna i Hercegovina

Telehone: +387 32 203 060
Fax: +387 32 203 061



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Zenko Ltd. Zenica

Lukovo polje br. 40
72 000 Zenica
Bosna i Hercegovina

+387 32 203 060
Work clothes
HACCP uniforms

Medical uniform program

Police service uniforms

Work suits

Work jackets and vests

Softshell/Fleece program

Catering program uniforms

Protective equipment

Amfori Code of Conduct
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
Special clothing

EN 20471 - Highly visible work clothing

EN 343 – Odjeća za zaštitu od lošeg vremena