Zenica businessman Fahrudin Canchar and his ZENKO have packed a shipment of masks for a German buyer this week. Thus, Bosnian Zenica masks travel to Germany, while in their town of Cancar, they donate masks to those in need.

After health institutions, some media outlets, other services in need, this time ZENKo prepared donations for three religious communities, the Islamic Community, the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church – Zenica Parishes.

April is the month in which all three major religious communities have their big holidays. Ramadan, Easter and Easter. Religious officials work in special circumstances, perform prayers in non-religious facilities. That is why ZENKO has decided to make their work easier for them, to show by our donation that we see and notice those who have not stopped work, even though we have been “confronted” by the global pandemic. Most of the beneficiaries and those who contacted us have been able to help with the donation at least as much as we have so many calls for commercial placement, mask sales, that for months we only worked abroad. However, we are pupils, and that is how we behave, said ZENKA owner Fahrudin Cancar.

The consignment for Germany is traveling this week, and work is underway for other buyers.

Zenko Ltd. Zenica