Aware of the fact that the modern business world is increasingly applying in its business policy in addition to quality management systems and environmentally friendly methods, we are determined to implement the ISO 14001 standard. The introduction of these standards requires intellectual and material resources, but we are also aware that in the long run we can only gain. but not at all lost. We will be happy that our worker works in clean spaces, and that our production process will respect all components of sustainable development. We will reduce and counteract the negative impacts that may occur in our processes, but also make sure that there are as few entities in our immediate environment that do not take into account the environmental and worker safety consequences.

By training and building the awareness of all employees, and especially the executives, we will strive to build an individual who will think about how to save, not get dirty or do the wrong thing. The work procedures we will build on legal bases and the positive experiences of others will give us the opportunity to be confident in the effectiveness of our environmental management system. Timely information for employees and regular communication with local authorities and citizens will show our goodwill and intentions, and gain trust with the local population. Any contingencies, that is, possible accidents, will be effectively suppressed to a minimum, by timely and urgent action by a well-trained emergency personnel. We will comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards with the companies with whom we work on existing business contracts and other documents, and will require such firms to constantly upgrade their environmental views.

We will make measuring and monitoring our processes where there is a danger to the environment more efficient by using modern measurement methods. Corrective and preventative measures will affect processes and people. We will make sudden and unannounced visits and oversight of legally authorized persons and associations of environmental authority through our well-maintained metering reports, simple and efficient procedures, and records of all contingencies.

Nevertheless, by periodic review by the company management, we will have an increasingly efficient system, where safety and protection of people and the environment will come first, and then only business results. By working with expert institutions and laboratories, we will have the assurance that the environmental management system rests on a solid long-term foundation.

We ask for your understanding, and we accept any heartfelt recommendation when implementing the standard.

We are sure of our success!

In Zenica, 10. 05. 2017.

Direktor ZENKO Zenica!


Certifikate ISO 14001:2015