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Zenko – Work clothing from Zenica

Zenko Ltd. is one of the leading and highest quality manufacturers of workwear in Bosnia and Herzegovina based in Zenica. With 90 employees in modernly equipped production facilities, we produce more than 80.000 garments a year, 50% of which is exported to European countries.

We are capable to provide quality workwear to all those companies and institutions thanks to our long expertise, professional team, technical and technological equipment. Zenko offers you a wide range of different models of workwear, fabrics and colors.


Clients around the world

Annual garments production

A long-standing tradition since 1996

Talk to our expert team, share with us your requirements and wishes regarding the design, functionality and quality of the clothing that will represent your company.

Trained staff


Satisfied customer


ISO certificates


Own infrastructure


New technologies


Product quality


Privately owned


Superb design


Through continuous innovation in our work we strive to create better quality products for our customers.

Zenko Ltd. is oriented towards conquering the European Union's workwear market, where by its quality and references it shows that it can meet all the criteria of European standards.

Certificates for outstanding quality

Certifikate - Bureau Veritas
Certifikate -  EN 20471 EN 343
Certifikate - Amfori Code of Conduct

Softshell / Fleece program

Softshell as a material is ideal for protection against wind, rain and low temperatures, while being easy to carry. The Zenko Softshell program is a blend of quality and fashion, making the end product an ideal solution for everyday work. Zenko specializes in the production of Softshell jackets and vests.


At the Zenko Embroidery you can get professional sewing, embroidery and printing services. Our staff with years of experience for domestic and foreign clients with the latest machines and techniques will create the best products according to your requirements.
Softshell Zenko


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Zenko Ltd. Zenica

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Work clothes
HACCP uniforms

Medical uniform program

Police service uniforms

Work suits

Work jackets and vests

Softshell/Fleece program

Catering program uniforms

Protective equipment

Amfori Code of Conduct
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
Special clothing

EN 20471 - Highly visible work clothing

EN 343 – Odjeća za zaštitu od lošeg vremena

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