The mission and the goal


The main mission and goal of the company ZENKO is to create and offer a unique work clothes for our customers using the high quality materials.
Technical and Technological we are trained to equip all those companies and institutions that are in need of work clothing.
We are manufacturers of clothing: work clothes, official clothing, protective clothing, men’s and women (jackets various kinds, pants various kinds, shirts, etc.)



The company ZENKO is oriented to the constant investment in the education of its employees and investing in new technologies to improve its quality.
By certification of the company with social and environmental standards,  Zenko seeks to raise its quality to a higher level.
Zenko is oriented to become one of the well known names in the market of clothing manufacturer in the European Union.
With our quality and references can compete with established market in the EU.
In the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zenko is one of the leading manufacturers of workwear and uniforms for police, military and other institutions for many years.
We are using materials of the highest quality.