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Zenko d.o.o.

1028is a family company. Owned by Čančar Fahrudin. Established 1996.g. We are a production of work wear, safety and protective equipment.

With the constant investment in infrastructure and technology ZENKO Ltd. Zenica has grown into one of the leading and high quality producers of clothing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The headquarters and production facilities ZENKO are in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 72000 Zenica, Lukovo polje Nr. 40.

We are located just 78 km (60 minutes drive by highway) from the airport in the capital Sarajevo.

The company is located on private land. On the property are : business premises with offices, manufacturing plants, warehouse and other additional objects.
The company has 90 employees who are mainly textile profession (sewing, tailors, auxiliary workers in production) with years of experience in the textile industry.

Production facilities are equipped with the advanced textile machinery for the most demanding sewing garments, starting from the design of the garment to the transportation to the customer’s address.
Company ZENKO is oriented to continuous investment in infrastructure, technology and people, improve the quality of their products, the relationship with customers and suppliers, as well as to innovate in their work and the creation of new products, in order to eventually achieve our ultimate goal – Happy customer.

The quality of company ZENKO is confirmed by a quality management ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001:2015 certification and Code of Conduct.

ZENKO is focused on a market of garments in the European Union, where with the existing references and the quality we can follow the requirements of European customer.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina ZENKO is one of the leading manufacturers of working clothes and uniforms for police, military and other institutions who are dressed in uniforms.
The main mission and goal of the company ZENKO is to offer a unique work clothes for their customers using the high quality materials.
Technical and technological’re trained to equip all those companies and institutions that are in need of work clothing.
We are manufacturers of clothing: work clothes, official clothing, protective clothing, men’s and women (jackets various kinds, pants various kinds, shirts, etc.)

We work with European suppliers of materials.

The materials we use have a Oeko Tex Standard 100.

We produced cloth which is smart and professional yet easy to maintain.

We got the past, we are in present and we have bright future ahead.

Our Code of Conduct
Zenko d.o.o. is fully committed to the following Code of Conduct
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Our team

Fahrudin Čančar

Amela Redžić